A1. Clean shrug
A2. Muscle clean
A3. Front squat
A4. Push press

B1. Hang power clean, x2
B2. Push jerk, x2
Every 1:00 (x2)

C1. Power clean, x2
C2. Split jerk, x2
Every 1:00 (x2)

Skill WOD:
A1. Power clean, x2-5
A2. Split jerk, x2-5
A3. Depth jumps from (30/24"), x3
Every 2:30 (x10)

Barbell Club WOD:
Clean and jerk. Treat it like a meet. 20-30 minutes of warm up.

Then, once we commit to it, everyone gets 3 attempts and you can't go down in weight once you add it. If you miss all three, you get no score. Your highest is what you will record.

Is high rep lifting bad for you or is it an incredibly valuable training tool? Here is a great article written by a Crossfit coach making a case for the use of high rep Oly lifting in training.
Here are the 3 main arguments against it... Want to see if they stack up? What do you think?

“The snatch and clean & jerk are meant to be done at low reps.”

“Doing the snatch and clean & jerk for high reps is dangerous.”

“The snatch and clean & jerk are not effective conditioning tools.”

Here are some thoughts 1)) high rep anything with shitty form is going to get you hurt be it Oly lifting or golf, and 2) high rep anything with proper form is going to give you a positive physical response.
One of the reasons we harp on form so much with the lifts is because you are going to have to do them multiple times for multiple reps as CrossFitter. Some days the weights will be high and the reps low, some days the weights will be low and the reps will be high. On both days we’re going to want you to have as close to perfect form as possible from rep 1 to rep 100.