Workout specific strength:
A1. Front squat, x3
A2. Rope pin, x4 (2 ea)
A2. Handstand walk, 50ft
Every 4:00 (x4)

3-2-1 reps for time of:
Rope ascent, no feet
TGU, ea arm (28/20)
Laps around building

Who's ready for those rope climbs? We all love to hate them, but they are a great whole body exercise that enables us to build strength in our grip, forearms, biceps, shoulders, and back. It's an overall butt kicker, but definitely worthwhile. Last week there were a few athletes that made it to the top for the very first time, Congrats!! Who will it be next? There's many variations to the rope climb, so try and push yourself to the hardest adaptation.

Ever see people roll out there hips/glutes/quads, but hardly ever see any of that same sort of "smashing" to their triceps and shoulders? Well it's very simple to do, and very effective. With very light and ample pressure one can smash someone else's triceps to loosen them up and help enable them reach a more efficient range of motion. Give it a shot and you should feel better and less tight immediately as well into the next day!