A1. Front squat, x3 (205/155) from the floor
A2. Handstand walk, x24ft
Rest 3:00 (x4)

"three two one run"

3 rounds through:
3 squat cleans (185/155)
3 burpees
3 box jumps (36/30)

Run 200m

2 rounds through:
2 squat cleans (185/155)
2 burpees
2 box jumps (36/30)

Run 200m

1 time though:
1 squat clean (185/155)
1 burpee
1 box jump (36/30)

Run 200m

This little number is meant to be FAST. Blast through everything and sprint the runs. You should enough in the tank to really get after this one.

Who can go sub 5 minutes?

Coach Dave knocking out some snow burpees. That's how the real men do it!