Strength/skill work:
A1. Power clean, x3 TNG (135/95)
A2. Pull up, x3-5 CTB
Rest 2:30, (x4)

“brown bear”
4 rounds, 3 cycles through the circuit each round. 15 minute time cap. For load:
1x power clean
1x front squat
1x push press
1x back squat
1x push press
Each “round” is comprised of 15 reps. That’s 3 cycles through the complex. You MUST complete each “round” unbroken or you will take a zero for the load that round. Your score at the end of the 15 minutes is the total of 5 loads (one for each round). If you don’t complete all 5 rounds, then your score is the total of the loads from the rounds you did complete. You can modify the weight from round to round.

Last completed October 22, 2012.

Yea, Zachy! Knocking out some ring dips!