Workout specific strength:
A1. Overhead squat (up to 185/135), x3
A2. Pull up, x3 (weighted/strict/negative)
Every 3:00 (x4)

For load. 10 minute time cap
Burpee, x1
Overhead squat, x5
Burpee, x2
Overhead squat, x5
Burpee, x3
Front squat, x5
Burpee, x4
Front squat, x5
Burpee, x5
Back squat, x5
Burpee, x6
Back squat, x5
Burpee, x7

*the weight remains the same throughout and the squat reps must be unbroken for the set to count. IF you have to lower weight midway through the workout, your score becomes that weight. Burpees jump over your bar.

Kaytlin has been running some all-ladies classes recently... Know anyone that might be interested in trying it out?