A1. Back squat, x3 be explosive out of the hole!
A2. Muscle up/ muscle up negative, x3
Rest 3:00

"brown bear"
4 rounds, 3 cycles through the circuit each round. 15 minute time cap. For load:
1x power clean
1x front squat
1x push press
1x back squat
1x push press

Each "round" is comprised of 15 reps. That's 3 cycles through the complex. You MUST complete each "round" unbroken or you will take a zero for the load that round. Your score at the end of the 15 minutes is the total of 5 loads (one for each round). If you don't complete all 5 rounds, then your score is the total of the loads from the rounds you did complete. You can modify the weight from round to round.

Congratulations to all the Free Range athletes that competed in the SICest of the Southwest CrossFit competition at the Europa Expo. Gavin held it down as an individual, while Downey, Alex, Alf & Bailey represented team Free Range 1, and Trevor, Iris, Butters & Kaytlin rocked Free Range 2. I think seven out of the nine of them were competing in their first CrossFit event ever. That is fricken awesome! You guys made us all proud and I know first hand have inspired a few other Free Rangers to compete in upcoming events! Thank you for all your hard work!

A special thanks also to the folks that made the trip out to the convention center to cheer everyone on. We had a strong crowd presence and I am proud to have such a tight knit community!

Gavin may ahve received more attention on stage than is companion!