Back Squat 5x5, find a 5RM

Rest 5:00. Then,

4 rounds, :20/1:40 (work/rest) of:
Row, calories

Clock starts, you have :20 to pull for as many calories as possible. Rest for 1:40. Then, :20 to get as many burpees as possible. Rest for 1:40. Repeat for a total of 4 rounds of each movement. Your score is your calories + reps. The idea is all out effort. Leave nothing on the table at the end of each round. Try to yank the chain out of the rower. Try to melt the rubber you burpee so fast. Then, rest!

Free Range CrossFit - Tempe, Arizona
Getting our group mobility those hips!

Good for the traveling CrossFitter, or just as some auxiliary work to develop that posterior chain!
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