Alright studs... here we go for Barbell club week 2!! If you missed last week you MISSED OUT! Make sure to make it in Thursday for technique progressions and to get some lifts under your belt. We are requiring 200 lifts for each movement in order to enter the Barbell Club (after we have done several weeks of Thursday Barbell Club classes to get those reps done).

This week's focus: Power Clean

What we have going on:

1. There will be a noon barbell club again this week. Let's keep the numbers high so we can continue to offer them.

2. After the barbell club you can elect to do an “express” WOD where you can choose from any of the other WODs we have done this week, if you missed one, and complete it after your barbell work.

Note:This is NOT an open gym time to perform any random workout. It is meant to be a rest day from CrossFit, but if Thursday is one of the only days you can actually attend class, then we want to make sure you get your proper conditioning!

Today is Juan's birthday!!! He's a stud. Endurance runner, triathlete and badass Crossfitter. Burpees? Anyone want to join him?!

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