The 5×5 Back Squat Program

This program is deceivingly simple.

You will get VERY strong following this program.

Keep it simple and watch your strength blast off…

The workout:
Back squat 5×5

The details:
-5×5 means 5 sets of 5 reps.
-All five sets during each workout should be the same weight.
-(Example: 225×5, 225×5, 225×5, 225×5, 225×5).
-Complete this strength workout once each week. During open gym or before your WOD.
-If you are just beginning this program, your first week should be roughly 70-75% of your 1-rep max.
-Each week, add a small amount of weight. Guys ~5 total pounds. Gals ~2.5 total pounds. TOTAL.

The small, incremental jumps in weight cannot be overstated.

Our goal is to slowly, consistently expose our bodies to heavier loads. We’re concerned with total tonnage, not simply the weight on the bar.

A 2.5-pound increase on the bar equates to a total of 62.5 pounds of added tonnage each week (2.5 pounds x 25 reps = 62.5 pounds).

This strategy adds up quickly. By week 4, at this pace, you have added 250 pounds to your total working tonnage for the workout – this is SIGNIFICANT.

Keeping the jumps in weight also allows your body to progressively adapt to the demand placed upon it. This makes for safe, consistent strength gains.

It is not uncommon to continue to add weight in this fashion for 8-10 weeks before capping out.

I will add another post describing the protocol for when we (eventually) cap out in our ability to add weight and complete the 5×5 each week. Hint: there’s still a lot more to be gained in the program.

Establish the strategy; stay the course. Enjoy!

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