2020 Free Range Summer Trio Team Competition.

When: The morning of Saturday August 15th

Where: Kiwanis Park in Tempe

Why: Fun, and Fitness and Community

The Details:

  • This is a team competition in groups of 3.

  • We are capping the event at 9 teams of 3 to help manage health safety.

  • All levels are welcome and encouraged to participate.

  • Each workout will have considerations for varying experience levels built in.

Leading up to the event we will post several 'Qualifying WODs'.

Find a few friends or perhaps reach out to some of the newer faces around the gym and craft a team.

As is a primary goal with all of our events, this one will challenge everyone in with both Classic CrossFit as well as some Unique Twists ;-).

We hope to see you there!

Qualifier WOD #1

5:00 AMRAP:
Push Ups
Sit Ups
Air Squats

Score #1: is the total repetitions of all 3 teammates added together.

Score #2: is the total ranking of each individual's score added together.

All push ups must be completed RX.

The fine print:
-For the individual ranking, each teammate must complete reps for each movement (push up, sit up, squat) such that the lowest count of any one movement is at least 10% of their total score.
-Example: (10 push ups + 45 sit ups + 45 air squats = 100 reps). The push ups in this case is the lowest rep count and equals 10% of the total score.
-For the team's ranking, the total rep count must have have each movement comprise at least 25% of the total score.
-There will be some collaborating on finding the best balance between individual scores and team total score to fit within the percentages.

I am anxious to see the strategy for this one unfold.

Qualifier WOD #2

Max Hang (2 hands)


  • One attempt to hang for as long as possible from some object.

  • Your feet must remain free-handing at all times.

  • Both hands must remain on your desired hanging apparatus at all times.

  • If at any point your feet touch something or your hands come off, your time stops.

Submission deadline: 10 AM Saturday August 1st

We will have (at least) one set of rings hanging at all of our group classes leading up to the deadline for this event.

However, you may hang from any object you'd like - your score does not have to be completed with a set of gymnastics rings.

Qualifier WOD #3

3 Rep Max Hang 'Cluster'


  • Every rep starts from a hang position.

  • All 3 reps of the 3 Rep Max must be completed without the barbell leaving your grip or touching the floor.

  • You must complete a Clean, pass through a full squat position and move in one continual motion to finish the rep overhead.

  • "Jerking" Thrusters will be a 'No Rep.' This means that from the full squat position you will drive the bar up and keep your legs locked once they are extended and finish by pressing the barbell to a locked out, overhead position.

  • You may:
    • Hang Power Clean -> Stand up -> Thruster
    • Hang Squat Clean -> Stand up -> Thruster
    • Hang Squat Clean -> Thruster

Submission Deadline: 6 PM Wednesday August 12

Our focus for the next few weeks at the Wednesday 'Barbells in the Park' sessions will revolve around the Clean and the Thruster to help develop and prepare you for this Q-WOD.

If you are participating in the Summer Trio Competition, but do not have access to a Barbell and are unable to attent our Wednesday Barbell in the Park classes, please contact me for details on how you can still participate.