Congratulations on completing Events 1-5 for the Free Range Summer Slam!

We saw tons of energy, camaraderie, and effort over the last week as you all ground through these challenges.

For those of you who completed all 5 events over a two-day period, I'm sure you have a special kind of soreness going today. ;-) Not to worry though, the WOD today is meant to help get your body moving and help recover in time for Saturday. So, if you can make it in today, please do.


Now, on to Events 6,7,8... What do you think they will be!?

Let me start by describing how we are handling the single, mono-division for the event on Saturday:

We are trying something new this time. Instead of having RX and Scaled divisions, we are leveraging our band system to make one overall division.

Each workout on Saturday will have a Blue, Green, Red, and Black band variation.

Based on your first 5 WODs you ended up with a score between 35-50 which will determine which variation of WODs 6,7,8 you will complete.

Blue band: 35-37 points
Green band: 38-42 points
Red band: 43-47 points
Black band: 48-50 points

Workouts 6,7,8 are all partner WODs, however, partners do not need to be the same band.

The weights/ variations of each movement will be tailored to them as they complete each workout.

Upon checking in on Saturday, you will be officially assigned your division on your score sheet.

Stay tuned for more details on the WODs and the heat assignments!