To kick off the Summer Slam in-house competition, we are releasing our first FIVE events.


While this is a team competition, these events will be scored individually and added together to create a team score.

Events 1, 2, 3:
"CrossFit Total"

Strict Press
Back Squat

Set a (safe) 1 rep max for each of the barbell movements.

The workout is completed with a single bar.

The workout begins with an empty bar.

The workout must be completed in the above-listed order.

There is a 25 minute time window to successfully complete all three max attempts.

-Take as much time as needed to warm up all three movements ahead of time.
-Consider planning some "rest" time between movements. Not so much that you cool down, but enough to recover for the next challenge.
-Even though the WOD is completed in this specific order, with one bar, you can still log additional warm up reps of the back squat/deadlift between pressing sets.
-Know when to call it. Sustaining an injury for 5 extra pounds is not worth it. Keep the lifts technically sound and safe above all else.

Event 4:
For time:
30 Clean & Jerks @ 135/95 lbs.

*Blue band variation, complete with 95/55 lbs.

Event 5:

"Fight Gone Bad"
3 rounds for max reps, 1:00 at each station:
Wall balls, 20/14 pounds @ 10/9ft
Sumo deadlift high pulls, 75/45 pounds
Box jumps, 24/20"
Push press, 75/45 pounds
Rowing, calories

Each of these events has a corresponding metric on our band website. And each event will have a point value assigned to the band metric.

Blue band - 7 points
Green band - 8 points
Red band - 9 points
Black band - 10 points

Each teammate will receive the corresponding point value based on the band standard they are able to achieve for each workout.

To max out your score for this "pre-throwdown" series of events you can earn 100 points as a team by having every member achieve black band status for all 5 events.

This 5-event total will constitute 25% of your overall score when factored in with the rest of the events we will complete on Saturday.

For your score to count, you must have a judge from an opposing team count your reps/ verify your lifts. Then you can reciprocate! ;-)

All 5 workouts must be completed by 7:30 PM on Thursday, September 7th.