Mobility is an important and often overlooked facet in all of our training.

The fact is compounded when we add something like a strength program to our normal training.

To maintain healthy joint function, progressively improve ranges of motion and help prevent injury in your squat program I recommend beginning your 5x5 Back Squat sessions with the following mobility circuit.

Squat mobility circuit:
A. Standing hip circles, x5 each direction, each leg
B. 90/90 hip rotations, x10
C. Knee pushes, x10-20 each leg
D. Squatting, thoracic rotations, x5 each side
E. Duck walk, x48ft

This circuit will only take you 10 minutes.

It will dramatically increase your takeaway from the squat program.

Do it. Do it now! :-)

5x5 Back Squat Program