Class Schedule

Standard CrossFit schedule
Basics Program
Designed to prepare newcomers to CrossFit for the physical demands of our group classes, our Basics program introduces the fundamental concepts and movements we use in our group classes. We focus on movement quality, strength development and general conditioning. After completing the Basics program, athletes will be ready to attend our CrossFit group training program.

Contact one of our team members to schedule your free consultation and get started with your Basics program today.

CrossFit Classes
Group classes are one hour long where members are lead by one of our coaches through a series of physical preparation and recovery methods based around the day’s workout:

• General warm up to increase core body temperature and prepare the body to workout
• Mobility drills to improve joint function and help prevent injuries
• Strength and skill development specific to the workout of the day and current gym focus
• The workout of the Day – utilizing combinations of gymnastics, rowing, olympic weightlifting, kettlebells, running and more…

Quality is everything: In movement, in nutrition, in recovery. We have a passion for the details. Our coaching ensures that you will be exposed to a range of training, nutritional and lifestyle approaches, to help you achieve your goals.

Note: We are constantly adding new classes to our schedule. Feel free to suggest new times that work with your schedule!