Matt Lucas ‘ML’

CrossFit Trainer, Level 1 (July 2007)
CrossFit Running Coach
CrossFit Nutrition Cert
CrossFit Mobility Cert

Matt was first introduced to CrossFit in 2002 and has been teaching others to move full time here in Tempe, AZ since 2008. Matt competed at the Regional level of the CrossFit Games in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Always seeking new physical and mental challenges, Matt brings a curiosity to the gym that helps inform his training and the overall approach to Free Range CrossFit.

Nutrition is paramount to intelligent training and overall quality of life. Matt is a strong proponent of a diet that eliminates gut irritating foods and promotes insulin regulation, as found in the Paleo diet. In 2009 Matt launched The Foodee Project. This free tool aggregates the best meals the web has to offer, and posts a new meal every day. The Foodee Project is used by tens of thousands of CrossFiters worldwide.

Our Philosophy

Free Range CrossFit improves the lives of our members by inspiring and developing a lifestyle of fitness. Our professional coaches lead from the front to build a strong community that supports one another in a pursuit of excellence.

What is CrossFit?