Here is a list of resources to help with training away from the gym during the COVID-19 Social Distancing and Quarantine.

This phase of training

Here is a big-picture view of what our @ Home programming cycle looks like.

We are embracing our new equipment and facility constraints and have built a program that requires very few tools, but should provide the proper challenge to make progress despite not being in the gym.

Our current focuses include:

Just like when we train in the gym your growth in these areas will be dictated by the focus and energy you pour into each workout.

Tips for maximizing your returns:

  • Complete ALL the work, EVERY time (warm ups, strength/ skill, WOD).
    If it’s on the program, do it.

  • Log your progress (in a notebook & online).
    How many reps did you complete today?
    How much weight did you use?
    Make sure it’s more than last time.

  • Do something every day.
    We have lots of ways to move within our @ Home training.
    Some are intense like the strength and WOD, others are softer on the body like the Squat Challenge and Coordination work.
    Find something you can do every day and pencil it in.

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Track your Distance

GPS running app for tracking distance: MapMyRun

Own the Warm Up

All of our daily warm up drills can be found on our YouTube playlist @ Home Warm Up Drills

Coordination work

I wrote about why we are pursuing a coordination challenge and some of the inherent benefits and challenges here.

Use this Cross Jack Playlist as reference for picking this still apart.

Hint: this is what we are working toward.

30 Day Squat Challenge

Every day for 30 days we are spending up to 30 minutes (spread throughout the day) sitting in a resting, flatfooted squat.

Read about the full details of the challenge here and join us!