Goals can be extremely motivating.

Having a realistic, quantifiable target and time to complete by is useful in many instances.

These can be especially useful in fitness related endeavors at the gym...

  • Increase your power clean by 5% by March 31st

  • Complete your first pull up by April 15th.

  • Finish the Blue band standards by December 31st.

Other times, developing a habit that points you in a certain trajectory and settling in for an extended period of time yields great outcomes.

"We Make Our Habits. Then Our Habits Make Us."

With this strategy, after a set amount of time you can reflect back on the habit to analyze how much (if any) benefit it is adding to your day and adjust accordingly.

For me, the habit approach can keep me flexible and objective in assessing whether things are working for me. I’m held accountable to either adopt the habit for the long-term if it is improving my life or drop it immediately if not.

It’s all about the journey, right?

Moral of the story...

Understand what you are trying to accomplish and develop your approach accordingly.