Power & strength are essential to building strong athletes. In order to maximize returns on the work we do with a barbell, though, we must first lay a strong technical foundation. It is not enough to just muscle heavy weights through ranges of motion resembling movements like a squat, clean, snatch, etc. Proper technique and range of motion are essential for maximizing load with these moves, but more importantly these fundamentals keep our bodies safe. Improper alignment or movement under load can lead to serious injury, which obviously limits your ability to improve as a mover.

The Free Range Barbell Club will be exclusive. In order to join the club and therefor progress through the program, you must demonstrate proficiency in the moves. We will cover what this entails in more detail during the class, but understand that you will work to proficiency by attending the class.

Thursday Barbell Club classes will be free to all members. Additional training days and programs will be an addition to our standard membership.

Come join us on Thursdays at noon, 430, 530 & 630 and prepare for (perfect) practice, practice, practice.