May 28, 2018
Memorial Day Murph

Run 1 mile
100 Pull ups
200 Push ups
300 Air squats
Run 1 mile

Murph is what we refer to as a “hero WOD” in the CrossFit community. Read about his story here:

June 25 - July 15, 2018
Legion of Beasts Online Qualifier

Legion of Beasts is an upcoming competition which begins with a 3 week online qualifier from 6/25-7/15 which will place you in a division for the live competition in September. You can find details or register a team here:

July 14, 2018
Free Range Coed In-house Competition

We will be hosting an in-house 3-person coed in house competition July 14 to finish out the LOB online qualifier.
Look for details to follow and pull out your swimming suits!

September 1-2, 2018
Legion of Beasts Competition

The Legion of Beasts competition will take place at Westworld of Scottsdale 9/1 & 9/2. You can find details and registration options here:

October 20, 2018
Free Range Individual In-house Competition

Free Range will be hosting an individual competition Saturday 10/20 to prep for AC^2 in December.

December 8, 2018
Flagstaff AC^2 Competition

We will end the year like we always do, by heading up to Crossfit Flagstaff and taking over the AC^2 annual competition.
Check out the pictures from last year here: