Please read through some of our frequently asked questions to better inform you on what we do at Free Range CrossFit.

Do you have showers?

Yes. We have showers available for our members after their WODs.

Will I get big or bulky if I lift heavy weights?

If you are really worried about this, read this article. But the short answer is no, lifting weights will not bulk you up. In fact, it will help you burn more calories and look better naked.

Your workouts contain push-ups and pull-ups. I can’t do a single one of either. How can I work out with you?

Lots of people are unable to do a push-up or a pull-up when they start CrossFit. The beauty of movement is that it is universal and ANY movement pattern can be broken down into more manageable pieces. We are happy to scale any workout to each individual’s ability. Over time, with proper progressions and consistent work, we will help ensure that those push ups and pull ups become a reality for you!

I’m visiting Free Range CrossFit from another affiliate. Can I drop in to a class when I’m in town?

We love having traveling CrossFitters in to join us for a WOD. Please visit our Drop-In page to learn more.

Can you help me lose weight?

Working out and moving on a regular basis provides a foundation for weight loss and for healthy bodies, but weight loss is primarily about eating right. A saying we often use is “Abs are made in the kitchen.” We believe a proper movement practice should be closely tied to a sound nutrition approach for optimal wellness and maximum performance. For clients trying to lose weight, we can offer nutrition advice and other resources to help you achieve your goals.

I heard CrossFit is dangerous. Will I get hurt at Free Range?

CrossFit, just like any movement practice or sport, has its risks. Accidents DO happen and you CAN get hurt. That being said, we at Free Range adhere to strict movement standards and take the time each day to properly warm up our athletes, prepare joints for the day’s workout and teach proper form for all movements in class. In reality, by following a well-balanced fitness program, we can actually help “bullet-proof” your body against possible injurious situations. Learn how to properly squat, pick up heavy objects, put things over your head and move well in general.

I haven’t worked out in a really long time. Will CrossFit be too challenging for me?

No! One of the many great things about CrossFit is that every workout can be scaled or modified to suit your fitness level. What that means is that a new CrossFitter and a veteran CrossFitter can complete the same workout, but the movements, weight and overall intensity is scaled to each athlete’s fitness level. You do not need to get in shape before starting at Free Range CrossFit… that’s what we are for!

Learn more about our new member on-boarding process.

I’m new to CrossFit. Can I drop in for a class to see what it is all about?

We do not allow drop-ins to our regular group classes unless you have completed our Basics program, a one-on-one Introduction to CrossFit, or are a member of another CrossFit affiliate. Even if you are a fit and active person, our group classes are fast-paced and are not appropriate for folks who have never tried CrossFit before. Visit our Getting Started page to learn more and enroll in a workshop or private coaching.

Start by attending one of our Free intro classes.

What is the ‘WOD’?

WOD is CrossFit lingo for the Workout of the Day. Each CrossFit group class we offer completes the same WOD and we can tailor it to each individual in the class. We post our Workout of the Day the night before so you can see what tomorrow has in store for you!

Our Philosophy

Free Range CrossFit improves the lives of our members by inspiring and developing a lifestyle of fitness. Our professional coaches lead from the front to build a strong community that supports one another in a pursuit of excellence.

What is CrossFit?