12 minute AMRAP

Rowing for meters.

Every 2:00, switch partners.

To start each 2:00 section, BOTH partners must complete their push-up obligation listed below.

Blue band: 10 Box push ups on 24in. box
Green band: 10 Push ups
Red band: 7 Handstand push ups
Black band: 7 Strict handstand push ups

-On 3,2,1 GO! Both parters complete their push-up obligation.
-Once BOTH partners are finished, parter A hops on the rower to begin rowing.
-Parter A rows until the sound of the 2:00 beep.
-Then, BOTH partners complete their push-up obligation before parter B can begin rowing.
-Continue in this fashion until both partners have completed 3 rowing efforts, rounding out the full 12 minutes.