We have received a lot of questions (understandably) about the how & what of our re-opening next week.

Updated plan as of 6/1...

  1. We are starting with a deliberately limited schedule.
    - We plan to slowly ramp back up to our previous class volume over the course of several weeks.
    - If there is a class time that you attended before that you’d like to come back, please let us know!
    - The more requests we have for certain times, the faster that class will return.
    - http://freerangecrossfit.com/schedule/

  2. We are limiting class to 10 athletes
    We've increase class capacity to 13 athletes

    - As noted above, we are deliberately starting small and will increase after the first week or two of assessing how classes go.
    - Health safety is a high concern and we want to make sure everything is flowing smoothly before taking on too large of classes.

  3. We are requiring pre-registration for classes
    -This is to help effectively manage class size.
    -Please pre-register for classes online here: https://freerange.pike13.com/schedule

  4. We will continue to have one park WOD each day
    All classes are moved to the gym

  5. We are continuing with Zoom and the Email of the Day
    - Similar to above, if you would like to continue joining us remote, we will continue offering Zoom classes from the gym.

  6. Equipment will be cleaned after each use
    - Following each class in the gym we will clean down the equipment before the next class starts.

Let’s make this transition a safe one and respect the CDC guidelines for keeping a healthy operation.

  • Please wash hands thoroughly for at least :20 before and after each class.

  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth, face.

  • Wipe down your equipment following the workout.

  • Respect physical distancing as much as possible during group classes.

We are very excited to get back into the swing of training with Barbells, Pull-Up bars, Ropes, etc!

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about our re-opening or training in general, please reach out.

Group WOD schedule (6/1)

Please pre-register here: https://freerange.pike13.com/schedule