Last week we wrapped up what we called our "Upper Body EMOM" program.
(EMOM = Every Minute On the Minute).

For five weeks we completed a pull-up & dip (or push up) workout that aimed at slowly increasing the volume (reps) of these two movements each week. The program followed the same basic concept as our 5x5 Back Squat Program from earlier this year.


Last week we shifted to a strength focused variation of the upper body EMOM. Building on the foundation of volume, we focused on the hardest variation of the pull-up and dip that we could complete for 3-5 reps.

For some of us, this meant adding weight to the movement, or moving to a harder variation than we used in the volume phase. For others, this means using a light gauge band.

While we are moving on to a new focus as a group (running!!), there is still a ton of room to improve in the upper body strength department and I want to encourage you all to continue with this training alongside our group program and during open gym.

Here's how...

Utilize a similar structure as last week:
• Every 3:00 for 5 rounds.
• Complete 3-5 reps each on your hardest pull-up AND dip.
• The reps can be different for each movement.
• Each week add another rep to each movement.
• Once you can successfully complete 5 sets of 5 reps, make it harder and bump the reps down to 3.
• Complete this 2x/week for as long as you continue to see progress.

This program template is a great way to build toward your first strict pull-up, first dip, first kipping pull up, or your first muscle up.

If you would like more specific guidance I am always available for individual program design.

Upper Body EMOM - Volume phase:

Upper Body EMOM Strength day:

5x5 Back squat program