Event 7: “Beep. Push. Row. Repeat.”
12 minute AMRAP

Rowing for meters.

Every 2:00, switch partners.

To start each 2:00 section, BOTH partners must complete their push-up obligation listed below.

Blue band: 10 Box push ups on 24in. box
Green band: 10 Push ups
Red band: 7 Handstand push ups
Black band: 7 Strict handstand push ups

-On 3,2,1 GO! Both parters complete their push-up obligation.
-Once BOTH partners are finished, parter A hops on the rower to begin rowing.
-Parter A rows until the sound of the 2:00 beep.
-Then, BOTH partners complete their push-up obligation before parter B can begin rowing.
-Continue in this fashion until both partners have completed 3 rowing efforts, rounding out the full 12 minutes.

Summer Slam schedule & heat assignments



Event 8: “‘Belles & ‘Balls”
For time:

Round 1:
90 Medicine ball squats, total
Jump rope
30 Medicine ball sit ups, total
Team run 300m, each carrying one kettlebell

Round 2:
60 Medicine ball squats, total
Jump rope
60 Medicine ball sit ups, total
Individual farmer's carry 200m, carrying two kettlebells

Round 3:
30 Medicine ball squats, total
Jump rope
90 Medicine ball sit ups, total
Individual overhead walking lunge 100m, holding one kettlebell

30 minute time cap.

Band variations
Blue band: 16/8kg kettlebell, Air squats/ Sit ups, 125 single unders (each round)

Green band: 20/12kg kettlebell, 14/12 lbs medicine ball, 125 single unders (each round)

Red band: 24/16kg kettlebell, 20/12 lbs. medicine ball, 75 double unders (each round)

Black band: 28/20kg kettlebell, 20/14 lbs. medicine ball, 75 double unders (each round)

-Squats, Jump rope, and sit ups are all done one partner at a time.
-The reps for these first three movements are listed as TOTAL reps, and can be broken up/ partitioned between each teammate however you see fit.
-On the squats, the medicine ball must be held above your waist level.
-For the jump rope, you would add the two numbers together for each person (125 + 125 = 250 single unders, 75 + 75 = 150 double unders, or 125/75 if you have a mixed group).
-In round 1, the 300m run is completed with both partners running at the same time, each carrying one kettlebell.
-Round 2 cannot begin until BOTH teammates are back from the 300m run.
-In round 2, the 200m farmer's carry is completed one at a time in 100m chunks (Partner A carries 100m, then B 100m, then A 100m, then B 100m).
-Round 3 cannot begin until BOTH teammates are back from the 200m farmer's carry.
-In round 3, the 100m walking lunge is completed together, however, both teammates must reach the 50m half-way point before they can begin the second half.
-Time stops once BOTH partners cross the 100m mark on their lunge.
Event 6: “Running through sand”
For time:
(Partner A)
15 Squat cleans

(Partner B)
Run 400m
10 Squat cleans

(Partner A)
Run 400m
10 Squat cleans

(Partner B)
15 Squat cleans

Load for squat cleans:
Blue band: 65% of power clean metric
Green band: 65% of power clean metric
Red band: 70% of power clean metric
Black band: 70% of power clean metric

(Determine your band for events 6,7,8 on our Summer Slam scoring page)

-This workout is completed in order, with one partner working at a time in relay fashion.
-Partner A cleans, then B runs & cleans, then A runs & cleans, then B cleans. Time.
-Short and powerful!
-All cleans must come from the floor.
-You must pass through a full depth squat (this can be a squat clean or a power clean + front squat).
-You must stand fully upright (hips & knees extended) at the top of each squat.
-400m is a lap around our building (everyone exits and enters the back door).
Summer Slam scoring system
Congratulations on completing Events 1-5 for the Free Range Summer Slam!

We saw tons of energy, camaraderie, and effort over the last week as you all ground through these challenges.

For those of you who completed all 5 events over a two-day period, I'm sure you have a special kind of soreness going today. ;-) Not to worry though, the WOD today is meant to help get your body moving and help recover in time for Saturday. So, if you can make it in today, please do.


Now, on to Events 6,7,8... What do you think they will be!?

Let me start by describing how we are handling the single, mono-division for the event on Saturday:

We are trying something new this time. Instead of having RX and Scaled divisions, we are leveraging our band system to make one overall division.

Each workout on Saturday will have a Blue, Green, Red, and Black band variation.

Based on your first 5 WODs you ended up with a score between 35-50 which will determine which variation of WODs 6,7,8 you will complete.

Blue band: 35-37 points
Green band: 38-42 points
Red band: 43-47 points
Black band: 48-50 points

Workouts 6,7,8 are all partner WODs, however, partners do not need to be the same band.

The weights/ variations of each movement will be tailored to them as they complete each workout.

Upon checking in on Saturday, you will be officially assigned your division on your score sheet.

Stay tuned for more details on the WODs and the heat assignments!
Summer Slam events 1-5
To kick off the Summer Slam in-house competition, we are releasing our first FIVE events.


While this is a team competition, these events will be scored individually and added together to create a team score.

Events 1, 2, 3:
"CrossFit Total"

Strict Press
Back Squat

Set a (safe) 1 rep max for each of the barbell movements.

The workout is completed with a single bar.

The workout begins with an empty bar.

The workout must be completed in the above-listed order.

There is a 25 minute time window to successfully complete all three max attempts.

-Take as much time as needed to warm up all three movements ahead of time.
-Consider planning some "rest" time between movements. Not so much that you cool down, but enough to recover for the next challenge.
-Even though the WOD is completed in this specific order, with one bar, you can still log additional warm up reps of the back squat/deadlift between pressing sets.
-Know when to call it. Sustaining an injury for 5 extra pounds is not worth it. Keep the lifts technically sound and safe above all else.

Event 4:
For time:
30 Clean & Jerks @ 135/95 lbs.

*Blue band variation, complete with 95/55 lbs.

Event 5:

"Fight Gone Bad"
3 rounds for max reps, 1:00 at each station:
Wall balls, 20/14 pounds @ 10/9ft
Sumo deadlift high pulls, 75/45 pounds
Box jumps, 24/20"
Push press, 75/45 pounds
Rowing, calories

Each of these events has a corresponding metric on our band website. And each event will have a point value assigned to the band metric.

Blue band - 7 points
Green band - 8 points
Red band - 9 points
Black band - 10 points

Each teammate will receive the corresponding point value based on the band standard they are able to achieve for each workout.

To max out your score for this "pre-throwdown" series of events you can earn 100 points as a team by having every member achieve black band status for all 5 events.

This 5-event total will constitute 25% of your overall score when factored in with the rest of the events we will complete on Saturday.

For your score to count, you must have a judge from an opposing team count your reps/ verify your lifts. Then you can reciprocate! ;-)

All 5 workouts must be completed by 7:30 PM on Thursday, September 7th.
Summer Slam 2017
August marks the anniversary of Free Range!! As a way to celebrate our anniversary this year, we are hosting an in-house partner competition on Saturday, September 9th.


Sign up costs will be $15.00 each person ($30 per team) and we are teaming up with Free Range member Kim Romney Liguori to use this event as a way to raise awareness and support the American Cancer Society.

*Registration will close Friday September 1st!*

Visit our Event Page to register.


Events 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 are released!
Continue improving your Pull-ups & Dips
Last week we wrapped up what we called our "Upper Body EMOM" program.
(EMOM = Every Minute On the Minute).

For five weeks we completed a pull-up & dip (or push up) workout that aimed at slowly increasing the volume (reps) of these two movements each week. The program followed the same basic concept as our 5x5 Back Squat Program from earlier this year.


Last week we shifted to a strength focused variation of the upper body EMOM. Building on the foundation of volume, we focused on the hardest variation of the pull-up and dip that we could complete for 3-5 reps.

For some of us, this meant adding weight to the movement, or moving to a harder variation than we used in the volume phase. For others, this means using a light gauge band.

While we are moving on to a new focus as a group (running!!), there is still a ton of room to improve in the upper body strength department and I want to encourage you all to continue with this training alongside our group program and during open gym.

Here's how...

Utilize a similar structure as last week:
• Every 3:00 for 5 rounds.
• Complete 3-5 reps each on your hardest pull-up AND dip.
• The reps can be different for each movement.
• Each week add another rep to each movement.
• Once you can successfully complete 5 sets of 5 reps, make it harder and bump the reps down to 3.
• Complete this 2x/week for as long as you continue to see progress.

This program template is a great way to build toward your first strict pull-up, first dip, first kipping pull up, or your first muscle up.

If you would like more specific guidance I am always available for individual program design.

Upper Body EMOM - Volume phase:

Upper Body EMOM Strength day:

5x5 Back squat program
Open WOD 17.5
This week marks the 5th and final week of the 2017 CrossFit Open.

The final workout will be announced this Thursday live at 5:00 pm during open gym. Come in and watch it with us!!

For the final week, we will be completing the workout on Saturday as a large group.

As soon as the announcement is made, we will put together heat times for you all to sign up for. We will run heats from 9 am thru 11:30 am, depending on how long the workout is.

Afterward, we can plan to take a big group over to US Egg for some post-workout protein pancakes! ;-)

So, what’s after the 5×5?
I know it's hard to believe, but eventually, we will all run into our wall of 5x5 progress. That extra 2.5 - 5 lbs, finally tips the scale and we are unable to complete the 5 grueling sets of 5 reps, thus ending the first phase of the program.

This is okay! There is still room for progress!

When this day finally arrives, it's time to give yourself a "de-load" week. Take your weight down to 50% and complete 5 perfect sets of 5 reps. Think of this as your final sendoff to this beloved rep-scheme ;-).

After your de-load week, it's back to business.

This time we are squatting 5 sets of 3 reps.

Load the bar back up to what you used 3 weeks ago and follow the same progression we used previously, adding 2.5 - 5 lbs every week at the new rep scheme.

This strategy will allow for several more weeks of building weight.

Once we exhaust our abilities to add weight on the sets of 3, it's time to attempt a new 1 rep max.

The next post outlines strategies for building to your 1-rep max. We will also cover advice on how to maintain the strength you have earned in this squat program moving forward (without having to continue with 5x5 for eternity).

Now, let's squat! :-)

5x5 Back Squat Program
Squat mobility sequence
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