Free Range Thanksgiving 2017
We have something special here at Free Range.

Our combination of like-minded, unique individuals all pursuing greater health and fitness as a group is a potent recipe for growth.

This place is a result of countless contributions and a daily commitment to cultivating a simple set of habits: show up, stay humble, and push yourself.

The beauty of a strong community like ours is that as our member base grows by one, the quality of the community grows exponentially. 

Through patience, trust and hard work, many lives are being transformed, many ideas are being shared, and many friendships forged (with a few marriages to boot!).

I wanted to take a moment to express my thanks to you all for being part of this journey.

Thank you for your trust, for your open mind, for your humility, and for your hard work. You make Free Range what it is.

Here’s to continuing to push ourselves and each other and to the countless connections that result along the way.

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Veteran’s Day 2017
As Americans, we have a lot to be thankful for.

It can be easy to forget just how much sacrifice and selflessness is required to uphold the liberties we hold dear.

Let's take time today (and every day) to reflect how lucky we are and to express thanks for those who have served in our Armed Forces to protect all that makes America America.

Happy Veteran’s Day.

The most important thing I can do TODAY
Much has been written about harnessing your focus to improve results.

In business, in relationships, for personal development, with hobbies, etc.

Rather than dilute our efforts by “improving” everything simultaneously, make the decision to direct the largest percentage of our energy possible to what we have deemed as the MOST important.

Easier said than done.

To focus on something, we must also decide NOT to focus on something else.

Cultivating this habit is the core concept of our new Competitors class.

Each day we begin by identifying our biggest opportunity for improvement in the WOD.

We spend the remainder of the class aggressively pursuing improvement in that specific element.

Perhaps equally as important, we deliberately chose NOT to pursue growth in other elements of the workout.

Join us on Saturdays at 8:45am to challenge your body and your perspective. ;-)

Can you make the disciplined pursuit of less a habit outside the gym?

Source: "Essentialism" by Greg McLeown
Summer Slam 2017 Recap
The 2017 Summer Slam partner competition saw a great turn out here at Free Range. Opting out of the standard scaled and RX divisions, we utilized our Free Range Band System to allow for partnerships of all skill and experience levels. This format encouraged tons of friendly competition and we loved it.

Check out some stats on what our competitors took on:

• We had 23 total teams.
• Over 1/3 of the competitors were first-timers.
• Over 5000 squat repetitions were performed.
• 48,702 meters were rowed on Event 7.
• At the end of the day we $600 raised for the American Cancer Society.


See more competitor pictures here!
Do you want to hit more PRs?
Join us Saturday’s at 9am for our new competitor’s class.


What to expect:
-Increased volume, strong competitive spirit, and exploration of mental tactics.
-Athletes should plan to attend BOTH 9AM & 10AM workouts.
-Bring a snack or shake to fuel you between sessions.
-The first 2 weeks will focus around the Crossfit team series.

Come in with high energy, ready to complete some serious mental and physical challenges!

Following the team series, we will continue the competitor’s class for athletes at any level.

Competing is just another way to set a date or place on testing some way to improve. It doesn’t mean becoming a competitive athlete.

Competition can be a means, rather than an end in and of itself.
Event 7: “Beep. Push. Row. Repeat.”
12 minute AMRAP

Rowing for meters.

Every 2:00, switch partners.

To start each 2:00 section, BOTH partners must complete their push-up obligation listed below.

Blue band: 10 Box push ups on 24in. box
Green band: 10 Push ups
Red band: 7 Handstand push ups
Black band: 7 Strict handstand push ups

-On 3,2,1 GO! Both parters complete their push-up obligation.
-Once BOTH partners are finished, parter A hops on the rower to begin rowing.
-Parter A rows until the sound of the 2:00 beep.
-Then, BOTH partners complete their push-up obligation before parter B can begin rowing.
-Continue in this fashion until both partners have completed 3 rowing efforts, rounding out the full 12 minutes.

Summer Slam schedule & heat assignments



Event 8: “‘Belles & ‘Balls”
For time:

Round 1:
90 Medicine ball squats, total
Jump rope
30 Medicine ball sit ups, total
Team run 300m, each carrying one kettlebell

Round 2:
60 Medicine ball squats, total
Jump rope
60 Medicine ball sit ups, total
Individual farmer's carry 200m, carrying two kettlebells

Round 3:
30 Medicine ball squats, total
Jump rope
90 Medicine ball sit ups, total
Individual overhead walking lunge 100m, holding one kettlebell

30 minute time cap.

Band variations
Blue band: 16/8kg kettlebell, Air squats/ Sit ups, 125 single unders (each round)

Green band: 20/12kg kettlebell, 14/12 lbs medicine ball, 125 single unders (each round)

Red band: 24/16kg kettlebell, 20/12 lbs. medicine ball, 75 double unders (each round)

Black band: 28/20kg kettlebell, 20/14 lbs. medicine ball, 75 double unders (each round)

-Squats, Jump rope, and sit ups are all done one partner at a time.
-The reps for these first three movements are listed as TOTAL reps, and can be broken up/ partitioned between each teammate however you see fit.
-On the squats, the medicine ball must be held above your waist level.
-For the jump rope, you would add the two numbers together for each person (125 + 125 = 250 single unders, 75 + 75 = 150 double unders, or 125/75 if you have a mixed group).
-In round 1, the 300m run is completed with both partners running at the same time, each carrying one kettlebell.
-Round 2 cannot begin until BOTH teammates are back from the 300m run.
-In round 2, the 200m farmer's carry is completed one at a time in 100m chunks (Partner A carries 100m, then B 100m, then A 100m, then B 100m).
-Round 3 cannot begin until BOTH teammates are back from the 200m farmer's carry.
-In round 3, the 100m walking lunge is completed together, however, both teammates must reach the 50m half-way point before they can begin the second half.
-Time stops once BOTH partners cross the 100m mark on their lunge.
Event 6: “Running through sand”
For time:
(Partner A)
15 Squat cleans

(Partner B)
Run 400m
10 Squat cleans

(Partner A)
Run 400m
10 Squat cleans

(Partner B)
15 Squat cleans

Load for squat cleans:
Blue band: 65% of power clean metric
Green band: 65% of power clean metric
Red band: 70% of power clean metric
Black band: 70% of power clean metric

(Determine your band for events 6,7,8 on our Summer Slam scoring page)

-This workout is completed in order, with one partner working at a time in relay fashion.
-Partner A cleans, then B runs & cleans, then A runs & cleans, then B cleans. Time.
-Short and powerful!
-All cleans must come from the floor.
-You must pass through a full depth squat (this can be a squat clean or a power clean + front squat).
-You must stand fully upright (hips & knees extended) at the top of each squat.
-400m is a lap around our building (everyone exits and enters the back door).
Summer Slam scoring system
Congratulations on completing Events 1-5 for the Free Range Summer Slam!

We saw tons of energy, camaraderie, and effort over the last week as you all ground through these challenges.

For those of you who completed all 5 events over a two-day period, I'm sure you have a special kind of soreness going today. ;-) Not to worry though, the WOD today is meant to help get your body moving and help recover in time for Saturday. So, if you can make it in today, please do.


Now, on to Events 6,7,8... What do you think they will be!?

Let me start by describing how we are handling the single, mono-division for the event on Saturday:

We are trying something new this time. Instead of having RX and Scaled divisions, we are leveraging our band system to make one overall division.

Each workout on Saturday will have a Blue, Green, Red, and Black band variation.

Based on your first 5 WODs you ended up with a score between 35-50 which will determine which variation of WODs 6,7,8 you will complete.

Blue band: 35-37 points
Green band: 38-42 points
Red band: 43-47 points
Black band: 48-50 points

Workouts 6,7,8 are all partner WODs, however, partners do not need to be the same band.

The weights/ variations of each movement will be tailored to them as they complete each workout.

Upon checking in on Saturday, you will be officially assigned your division on your score sheet.

Stay tuned for more details on the WODs and the heat assignments!
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