Workout Specific Strength A1. Behind the neck push press x5 Every 2:30 (x4) B1. Rope Ascent x3, 2, 1 Rest 2:30 between sets "Yankee" 10 HSPU 10 CTB Pull-Ups 8 HSPU 15 CTB Pull-Ups 6 HSPU 20 CTB Pull-Ups This workout is quick and a smoker on your shoulders. If shoulder mobility is your goat, make sure you come a little early to class for some extra shoulder warm-up on your own. [caption id="attachment_3295" align="alignnone" width="222" caption="Morning Crew, just getting big!"][/caption] Here are some tips from K Star on losening up for shoulder rotation. Grab a friend or a barbell and have them step on you.