Barbell Club, now on Saturdays too

Starting this Saturday 10/6 our 8:45 AM class is now Barbell Club.

We refer to it as Weightlifting on our schedule and it is meant to complement the Olympic Weightlifting training we do on Thursdays.

Come work on your Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and other core barbell strength movements!
2018 Summer COED Team Competition

Event 5 - “Freight train"

12-9-6 reps for time:
Power clean
Burpee over bar

10-minute time cap.

Event 6 - “Pulley system"

Starting exactly 12 minutes after Event 5 begins.

:90 AMRAP x6 rounds:

Rowing for meters*

Event 7 - "Dumbbellina"

90-75-60 reps for time:
Dumbbell squat
Dumbbell push press
Dumbbell snatch

To start the workout and after each round, complete:
40 FT Handstand walk
40 FT DB lunge

25-minute time cap.

Memorial Day Murph 2018

Run 1 mile
100 Pull ups
200 Push ups
300 Air squats
Run 1 mile

Murph is what we refer to as a “hero WOD” in the CrossFit community. Read about his story here:

See more competitor pictures here!
Free Range 2018 Competition Schedule

May 28, 2018
Memorial Day Murph

Run 1 mile
100 Pull ups
200 Push ups
300 Air squats
Run 1 mile

Murph is what we refer to as a “hero WOD” in the CrossFit community. Read about his story here:

June 25 - July 15, 2018
Legion of Beasts Online Qualifier

Legion of Beasts is an upcoming competition which begins with a 3 week online qualifier from 6/25-7/15 which will place you in a division for the live competition in September. You can find details or register a team here:

July 14, 2018
Free Range Coed In-house Competition

We will be hosting an in-house 3-person coed in house competition July 14 to finish out the LOB online qualifier.
Look for details to follow and pull out your swimming suits!

September 1-2, 2018
Legion of Beasts Competition

The Legion of Beasts competition will take place at Westworld of Scottsdale 9/1 & 9/2. You can find details and registration options here:

October 20, 2018
Free Range Individual In-house Competition

Free Range will be hosting an individual competition Saturday 10/20 to prep for AC^2 in December.

December 8, 2018
Flagstaff AC^2 Competition

We will end the year like we always do, by heading up to Crossfit Flagstaff and taking over the AC^2 annual competition.
Check out the pictures from last year here:
Spring strength program
By request, we are adding a second day to our strength program.

_Poor form in the gym is caused by insuf ficient yelling.” -Mark Rippetoe (1)

We will complete ‘Strength WOD A’ on Saturdays as a group at the 8:45 AM class.

'Strength WOD B’ will be completed on your own during open gym.

Since the strength program is running separate from our CrossFit program, there will be days when movements overlap. When this happens, just skip the lift until the next session.

The Spring Strength GoogleDoc spreadsheet has been updated to reflect this second workout.

Please add your numbers there after you complete the work.

Strength WOD A
(To be completed on Saturdays at 8:45 AM)

Three rounds:
5 Back squat
5 Press
5 Pull up
5 Dip

Then, one round:
10 Deadlift

Add 2.5-10 LBS to your last training session.

Strength WOD B
(To be completed during open gym on Thursdays)

Three rounds:
5 Back squat
5 Bench press
5 Chin up

Five rounds:
3 Power cleans
15 Push ups

Add 2.5-10 LBS to your last training session.
Free Range Tackles Open 18.4
Week 4 of 5 in the 2018 Crossfit Open


For time:
21 deadlifts, 225/155 lb.
21 handstand push-ups
15 deadlifts, 225/155 lb.
15 handstand push-ups
9 deadlifts, 225/155 lb.
9 handstand push-ups
21 deadlifts, 315/205 lb.
50-ft. handstand walk
15 deadlifts, 315/205 lb.
50-ft. handstand walk
9 deadlifts, 315/205 lb.
50-ft. handstand walk

Time cap: 9 min.



Free Range Tackles Open 18.2
Week 2 of 5 in the 2018 Crossfit Open


Workout 18.1a
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 reps for time of:
Dumbbell squats
Bar-facing burpees

Men use 50-lb. dumbbells Women use 35-lb. dumbbells.

Workout 18.2a
1-rep-max clean

Time cap: 12 minutes to complete 18.2 AND 18.2a



Free Range Tackles Open 18.1
Week 1 of 5 in the 2018 CrossFit Open.


20-minute AMRAP of:
8 Toes-to-bars
10 dumbbell hang clean and jerks
14 / 12-cal. row

Men use 50 LBS.
Women use 35 LBS.




Open WOD 18.1 Schedule
The CrossFit Open is upon us! 18.1 is posted on the CrossFit Games website.

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 12.45.16 PM

We are tackling this as a group tomorrow (Saturday).

We are running classes every 25 minutes beginning at 8:30. (8:30, 8:55, 9:20, 9:45, 10:10)

Each class’s schedule will look like this:
* Warm up - 20 minutes
* WOD - 20 minutes
* Judge - 20 minutes

We are asking that each athlete sticks around after their WOD and judges for the group following you.

With this structure, we will get you in and out in a little over an hour!

This communal judging effort is HUGE for making the Open happen each year and we really appreciate your help.


Plan to arrive at the class time you signed up for.
Improving since 2014
Maianh was kind enough to share some reflections on what the CrossFit Open means to her and how it has positively challenged her over the years.


What does the CrossFit Open mean to me?

It allows me to be the best me I can be in a measurable way. Since my first open in 2014 I have seen my progress through my results.

What do you think the Open means to the CrossFit community?

For 5 weeks the whole CrossFit community comes together to perform the same workouts with the same goal: to bring all their training together and perform to the best of their ability. Each person works just as hard, pushes through and at the end still has the energy to cheer on their remaining compadres.



How has the Open challenged you in a positive way over the years?

1. In 2017 I challenged myself to be “one and done” and I was successful. A more challenging goal than it sounds. I strive for perfection and the open brings out the best in you and it allows you to quickly assess how you did and as long as you can do it within the timeframe, you can repeat and hopefully improve your score. My challenge was to try and do my best I could the first time and be happy with what I achieved.

2. My coach challenges me. He often sets and sees goals that I don’t think I’m capable of. A wise coach in 2017 gave me a goal, to aim for the top 200 in my age group in the SW region. Yes, that’s right, I am a 35-39 masters athlete. Now he recalls saying top 250 but I’m proud to say, I brought it and placed 188th in the SW and 49th in Arizona.


Should you officially register in the Open?

Wondering whether to sign up or just do the WODs? Either is great, but signing up gives you historical data to monitor and measure your progress over the years and you get cool stats on an app and dashboards that include a Free Range Leaderboard!!

Thanks for taking the time and for all the kind words Maianh! Here's to another strong year!!
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