Barbell club v5.0

Today's focus:
-Muscle snatch
-Power snatch
-Snatch landings and the bottom position
-Snatch balance

If you have never been to the Barbell Club, you are missing out. This is for all levels and will test you in new ways. Consider it a rest day from CrossFit training. Come get some focused technique work in!

Meagan is one of our newest members. If you see her around be sure to introduce yourself!

Because we are on a squat kick this week, and have had some hard WODs utilizing the movement, let's talk positioning. If I asked you to throw a baseball as far as you could twice; once with your opposite foot leading (left foot leading, right hand throwing) and once with your same foot leading (right foot leading, right hand throwing), which do you think you would record the longer distance? If you have any experience throwing, you know that the opposite foot leading will crush the other way. Now this is a little strange, right? I mean, we are still throwing with our dominant hand...what gives?

The position we are putting ourselves in can increase or decrease the amount of power we can generate. A very simplified explanation would be that by leading with our opposite foot we can generate more torque through the hips, transferred up in through our trunk and whipped out the end of our arms.

Just like many of the more complex movements we utilize in CrossFit, not all positions are the same. Just because two athletes are holding a bar across their backs and squatting does not mean they are positioned the same. Mobility around the hips, knees and ankles can greatly impact the quality of movement and amount of power you can generate at the bottom of your squat. By paying attention to the details in the lower body you can up your chances of nailing some serious PRs.

Try this:
1. Take a picture of your squat when you first get into the gym (or ask one of our fine Coaches), before you warm up.
2. Then follow these "squat therapy" videos (2 minutes in each position):

Tight Ankles = Bad Squatting
Pre squat hip opener
Quadness baby

3. Then take another picture of your bottom position and see if you notice anything different.
4. Post to the Free Range facebook page.

Here's mine..notice any changes?

(Hints: Can you keep your feet more parallel? Are the arches of your feet collapsing as much? Can you keep your knees out with your feet remaining flat?)

Bonus: Looking for a (lengthy) description of why we like the feet parallel? Check this out: Hip torque and toe angle when squatting