Alf has been with Free Range and part of the CrossFit community for many years.

This is his 7th CrossFit Open!!

He was kind enough to take some time to reflect on how the CrossFit Open & Games have challenged him in a positive way over the years.

Thanks, Alf!

When I was a new Crossfit “athlete” my goal was to compete with others in the gym and regionally - at my second open I was in the top 300 for scaled, way back when.

Excitement, bantering and trash talking all in the spirit of fun.

I enjoyed seeing others succeed as well. It was amusing to compare myself to the elites as

My first WOD was the 7min of hell - I mean burpees…

We looked forward to going to the games to watch after the open. Got to meet many elites. Those were inspiring times indeed…

Now my goal is to participate and see how far I’ve gone since the last open.

I don’t compete with others but really for myself. Surrounded by my community really helps me continue to improve even if it’s cutting times by mere seconds to just finishing a workout.

I’m inspired by the growth I see in others during this time.

I’m also able to practice what I’ve learned in the 6+ Years I’ve been doing the “Open”.

Energy management. Rep schemes. Just to name a few...💪🏼😉

...this brought out a lot of memories... lol!!!

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